Bubble Tea. Boba. We've got that pick-me-up to bring an extra bit of joy to your day.

Whatever you're in the mood for: something sweet, something savory, something refreshing, something fruity, something milky, something fun & bright, pretty & cute, you can it find here.

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Wide Selection of Drinks to fit Every Mood

Tea-Do started with a vision to bring authentic Taiwanese flavors paired with an essence that purely encompasses the blend of cultures and lifestyles of all backgrounds. Whether you are looking for a sweet treat to light you up or a pure brewed strong tea to soothe your soul, Tea-Do strives to be the place you go to when you are feeling down, celebrating an accomplishment, or simply enjoying & relaxing the day away.

Fast & Friendly Service

Our Bobaristas are dedicated to bringing you your cup of happiness as quickly & efficiently as possible because we know there is no time to waste and nothing should stand in your way to delicious & fresh goodness! Think of each scoop of your topping of choice as a representation of our appreciation & love for all our customers. Whether you like no toppings to 5 toppings we work to fill your order with same level of thought, energy, and devotion as the first.


We hope you enjoy our drinks as much as we do!